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How to Weld Steel Pipe?

August 11th, 2014

Welded steel pipe or plate are commonly welded by means of bent round, we can weld the steel into square and other shapes and then welded into the surface of the steel pipe seam. Steel plate or steel pipe is used in the blanks of welded steel.  We can use electric arc welded pipe, high or low frequency electric resistance welded pipe, gas pipe, stove pipe, Bundy tubes according to different methods.

Here we talk about how to welded steel pipe. First clean the weld oil, paint, water, rust, etc., and then according to the wall thickness of beveling, opened a large number of thick, thin it to open a small number (angle grinder), and then the gap is on the product, the general 1 rod or wire diameter 1.5 times the groove if you are not careful. You can open big to stay small number of properly. Tack welding at least three points, four points better general work. Welding when welding should be half and half, the best starting point is about more than the bottom one centimeter, so from across the connector. If the wall thickness, it should be layered, at least two layers, the first layer of full circle welding can weld finished second layer.

Precision welded pipe is generally further improved on the basis of the results of welded pipe products are fine products. Compare with general pipe, its main characteristics and are: a precise geometry, the lateral wall thickness, steel good shape, small ellipse, reliable weld quality within months of small glitches, the outer surface smooth, steel weld heat treatment or by protection. after the heat treatment atmosphere, without oxygen can reach the surface, the mechanical properties of a stable and uniform microstructure effects, its production cost than similar seamless precision steel tubes are much lower, or may be directly processed by a small amount for some devices, reduce the cost of processing equipment.

Precision pipe production in three ways: first production: the tube (sheet, strip) molded directly welded into the pipe, and its main processes strip forming, welding, sizing. Features: less production processes, engineering process is simple, short product cycles, product accuracy is slightly lower. The second mode of production:  from the tube (sheet, strip) first soldered directly into a certain size pipe, and then through cold drawn or cold rolled into finished tubes, welded steel pipe known as OOM.

The main processes are forming, welding, sizing, cold-rolled or cold-drawn (with a mandrel or without mandrel), or continuous drawing (that is welding - drawing combined production line). Features: decentralized production processes , long process and production cycle, large area, the dimensional accuracy of the product is good, smooth inner and outer surfaces , mechanical properties and microstructure good state .The third mode of production: from the tube (sheet, strip) first into a certain size pipe welded directly, then entering the continuous cold reducing mill reducing a finished tube. The main processes are forming, welding, continuous cold- reducing. Features: Compact production processes, process simplicity, high efficiency units, fast conversion specification range for the production of small diameter and thin-walled welded steel pipe. The black steel pipe and API steel pipe are also available.

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Two Types and Uses of Stainless Steel Pipe

July 15th, 2014

The following will tell you the stainless steel pipe and welded steel pipe in details.

A, the classification of stainless steel pipe.
1, according to the classification of production methods: (1) the seamless tube, cold drawn tube, (a) according to the process classification, gas shielded welding pipe, arc welding, electric resistance welded pipe (high frequency and low frequency). (b) The weld points - straight seam welded pipe, spiral welded pipe.
2, according to the cross section shape classification: (1) the circular steel tube; (2) rectangular tube.
3, according to the classification of wall thickness, thin-walled steel pipe, thick-walled steel pipe
4, classification: (1) according to the use of civil pipe runs round tubes, rectangular tubes, pipe, generally used to decorate, building, structure, etc.; (2) industry pipe: China now has the world’s most advanced stainless steel pipe production technology and the latest and most advanced modern equipment, such as the limit of three roll mandrel MPM units, extrusion tube units, high frequency electric resistance welding tube (HFW/ERW) units and large diameter straight seam (UOE, JCOE), spiral submerged arc welded pipe units (SAWH) and continuous welded pipe unit, etc. Has the world’s largest perforation units (2000 mm), three roller rolling pipe units (460 mm), three roll tube units (460 mm), cycle pipe rolling units (720 mm), 36000 tons of vertical pipe extrusion unit, and large diameter straight seam submerged arc welding pipe unit and advanced fine welding line, large diameter spiral steel pipe.

Second, seamless steel pipe, stainless steel seamless steel pipe is a hollow section, no seams of strip steel.
1. Seamless steel tube manufacturing technology and process: smelting ingot > of steel rolling cutting > peel > perforation annealing pickling cold drawn on ash > crop acid > inventory (2) the characteristics of the seamless steel pipe: we are not hard to see from the above process: first, the wall thickness product is thick is more economical and practical.. Three, welding steel pipe, welded steel pipe or welded pipe with steel plate or steel strip after crimp units and dies made of welded steel pipe. 1. Steel > article points of molding dissolves > induction heat treatment > light inside and outside weld treatment > eddy current testing of plastic > diameter > laser caliper acid.
2. The storage characteristics of welded steel pipe, we it is not hard to see from the above process: first, the product is continuous online production, wall thickness is thicker, the unit and dissolves equipment investment, the less it has economical and practical. The thinner wall thickness, the input-output ratio will be reduced; Then determine its advantages and disadvantages of the product process, general high precision welded steel pipe, wall thickness uniformity, high brightness tube appearance (level determines the surface of the steel plate of steel tube surface brightness).

Now much metallurgical equipment can be designed in our country, including manufacture and integration, but why are we still importing? The main reason is that level and stability problems. There is a big problem, namely, “cheap” domestic equipment. Only until we solve this problem, domestic equipment can be towards a higher level. Our more products is API steel pipe black steel pipe

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Different Applications of a Stainless Steel Pipe

June 13th, 2014

For years, stainless steel is known as the sturdiest and most useful element in the industry. Objects this kind of as steel pipes, stainless black steel pipe tubes, steel locks, keys, cabinets, steel pipe fittings hose barb connectors, hose barb hose nipples, steel ferrules sockets nuts, and so forth., are tagged with sheer reliability and durability. Consequently, stainless steel as gained wonderful reputation between various shoppers of stainless steel pipes: actual physical and substance.

Stainless black steel pipe are regarded and tried for its sturdy and tough main top quality. Each pipe accessible in the market location is texture-licensed and reputable to encounter completely different needs of buyers all more than the globe. These pipes are very helpful when it arrives to outside and in house software programs, therefore getting a fundamental require in our day time-to-day time existence. The stainless black steel pipe also encounter the many different requires of alkaline and acidic websites when utilized in chemical companies. They are resistant to oxidation at very substantial temperatures. They are also substantially long lasting and pretty lightweight. As in comparison to metals, steel pipes do not corrode pretty simply even when they are continually subjected to drinking water. This is a single of the primary motives they are broadly utilized in many different software programs for transporting completely different components from a single location to. The most typical app is the below-sea-pipe-laying presorts in essential oil rigs.

In conclusions, these stainless black steel pipes are substantially long lasting and fire resistant in dynamics. Therefore, they can be utilized in multifarious methods and software programs without getting the concern of it becoming delicate or reactive when implemented in a granted app. On top of that, the most beneficial component about stainless steel pipes is that its recyclable, therefore, can be utilized several occasions in various sorts and shapes. This element does not merely include on to the potency of these seamless stainless steel pipes, but also includes on to the more than all elegance and aesthetics. Applications and sorts of stainless steel tubes and pipes

The stainless black steel pipe and seamless tubing are ideally utilized in software programs this kind of as foodstuff, chemical, petrochemical, healthcare gear, energy facilities, essential oil refineries, and shipbuilding. Because of to its substantial versatility they are broadly well-liked in many different steel and other companies exactly where pipes are utilized for consuming drinking water, essential oil and gasoline, and quick drainage services. As they occur in a wide variety of sorts and structures that depend on the finish-use like warm dipped galvanized tubes, black steel pipe and tubes, dark steel tubes, structural steel tube, fence tubes, scaffolding tubes and so on. Na singletrees, whatever be the sort or type of the pipes, they can be basically utilized exactly where substantial resistance is substantially needed in opposition to vibration or shock. Our more products is Line ERW Steel Pipe LSAW Steel Pipe

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The Type of Steel Pipe Used for Oil Transportation

May 26th, 2014

The processing, transportation and storage of oil is highly complex with high pressure and corrosion. Crude oil from the underground contains substances such as sulfur and hydrogen sulfide that can oxidize the pipeline. This is a key problem during the oil transportation. Therefore, the material chosen must meet these needs. Steel is the most used material applied in the oil transporting and storage. Some technique has been invented to increase its strength and its corrosion resistance.

People have used pipes for many years. Steel pipes are long, hollow tubes. According to statistics, there are millions of tons of black steel pipe being produced each year; they are so versatile and therefore widely used in many industries. It’s not difficult to find that steel pipes are used in a many places. Since they are tough and hard, they are used for transporting oil, gas, water throughout cities and towns. They can be lightweight although they are hard. Black pipe, a form of black steel pipe, was widely used in homes built before the 1960s. But since black pipes are durable, they are still used for applications like gas and oil line. The black appearance is formed by a black oxide scale when forging the steel pipe.

Steel pipes are used widely in petroleum industry and many other fields, so they have large consumption volume. There are many kinds of oil steel pipe; the two principle kinds are oil well pipe (drill collar, drill pipe, casing pipe, tubing pie etc.) and oil-gas transportation pipe. Steel pipelines can be buried underground for hundreds of years with little damage giving the credit to their excellent stress crack resistance. They can also be used for outside storage because of the amazing dependable performance. The well-drilling during the oil exploration and exploitation needs frill pipes and drill collars, well reinforcing needs casing, and the oil recovery need tubing. In recent years, the annual consumption of oil well pipes is about 1.3 million tons. The pipeline transportation is the most economical and reasonable method for oil.

With the rapid development of pipeline, the demand of oil transportation line pipe increased greatly in China. The black iron pipe is a type of API steel pipe which has a black oxide scale on its surface. It is less expensive and more ductile than other iron pipes so it is popular around the world. In generally, electric resistance welded steel pipe are used for oil transmission which can guarantee assures defined quality when using it. This kind of pipe is constantly stable in hot or wet environment. The importance of oil transporting to supply energy makes the industry of steel pipeline production keep developing and more attention to it. Corrosion resistant, water based paint is used on the outer layer to prevent atmospheric corrosion during transportation and storage. You can also aid more protective layers on pipes to make them more durable.

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